A health spa is the “likely source” of a legionella infection outbreak in which nine people have been hospitalised,

Public Health England (PHE) has said.

”Fourteen people who attended Healax Salt Caves in Bournemouth in June have contracted either Legionnaire’s Disease or the less serious Pontiac fever.

A further 39 people who reported symptoms have not had infections confirmed by laboratory tests.

Nine of the worst-affected patients are now recovering at home.

‘Felt like my chest was being crushed’

Wendy Brimicombe, 63, said she and a friend both contracted Pontiac fever after visiting the spa on 10 June.

“When I got home I had a headache, was sick and felt like my chest was being crushed,” she said.

Ms Brimicombe said she slept for more than 24 hours, not realising the duration of sleep or the fact she had missed work.

“I live alone. It’s really frightened me,” she said.

Notice of repossession
A repossession notice has been posted on the front door

PHE England said it had given health advice local residents and customers.

Dr Fiona Neeley, PHE, said: “We understand that there will be concern among people who visited Healax Salt Caves and spa.

“Thankfully, in all cases of illness that have been reported to Public Health England to date, those affected are now recovering from their illness.

“There are no ongoing risks to health for the wider population in relation to this incident.”

She said the business owner and health officials had “acted quickly” to ensure that any further risk was controlled.

The affected customers visited the spa between 1 June and 18 June, PHE said.

The business in Kinson Road has been closed until further notice.




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