Another person who contracted Legionella has been admitted to a hospital near Ghent, bringing the total count of known cases of the outbreak up to 19, with more expected.
The latest patient – who began displaying symptoms on the 13th May – was admitted to the AZ Jan-Palfijn Hospital in Ghent.


AZ Jan-Palfijn – Near Ghent in Brussells

The outbreak has already claimed 2 lives in the past week but officials say his life is not currently in danger officials say,

“The patient needs to be further questioned, but we’re count him as a nineteenth patient in the outbreak around the Evergem region,” Joris Moonen of Agency for Care and Health.”

This confirms our previous expectation that more patients will be added to this outbreak,” added Moonen.

Legionella is a bacterial infection which takes various forms, the most common being Legionella pneumophila, which has an effect like pneumonia. The illness is commonly referred to as Legionnaires’ Disease.