Project Capabilities


Sayvol can provide a wide range of managed projects for your clients', which will maximise the current service provision and offer added value.

Typical added value projects


Secondary disinfection, such as Chlorine Dioxide

bullet Dose up to 0.5ppm Chlorine Dioxide (Limit for potable water) to treat pathogens such as legionella and Pseudomonas in water systems.
bullet UV point of use disinfection system

Cooling Tower Upgrades

bullet Tower Access Gantries

bullet Dosing Equipmentprojects1
bullet High Efficiency Drift Eliminators
bullet Replacement Fill Pack

Closed System Upgrades

bullet Health Checks
bullet Glycol Analysis
bullet Biocide Efficacy
bullet Side-Stream Filtration
bullet Flushing Remedial

Other Services provided...

bullet Water reclamation and re-use
bullet Total water management - FM approach to water treatment
bullet Root cause and base line analysis for closed water systems
bullet Heat pump Calorifiers for energy reduction