Sayvol’s first charity event for 2017

Some of the more hardy of our employees are aiming to complete the ‘Tough Mudder’ event on 29th April running over, under and through 13 obstacles over 5 miles. Whilst some of the team could be considered fit others are putting down their test kits, refusing that extra bacon sarnie, tying up their laces and hitting the challenge head on!!!

We are aiming to complete this event to raise money for Facial Palsy Charity, which is a cause that is very close to Sayvol MD, Les White.

Facial Palsy UK is a charity that supports people affected by facial paralysis.

The charity is working endlessly to ensure every person in the UK affected by Facial Palsy is given access to the best information and support.

There are over 50 different causes of Facial Palsy and it can happen to anyone at any time.

Whatever the cause, the physical, emotional and psychological consequences of living with Facial Palsy can often be devastating for the people affected and their families.

More can be found by following this link

Your support in helping us reach our target can be shown by donating whatever amount you can here:

Thank you for your financial, emotional and practical support!!! Watch this space for some muddy after photos!

Awesome Venue, New Course

The first Tough Mudder Half of the 2017 season will take place in the mud at the majestic Culden Faw Estate. Tough Mudder Half London West (Weekend 1) Presented by Merrell is set to challenge your teamwork and mental grit in an all new way.

5 Miles, 13 Obstacles

Tough Mudder Half London West is a mud lover’s playground: get ready for a course that will both challenge and thrill your team. Gather your friends and get ready to start 2017 off the right way. In the mud.